What are RBR and SBR workouts?

RATs holds weekly Run-Bike-Run (RBR) and Swim-Bike-Run (SBR) workouts at several locations throughout the summer. These workouts are great opportunities for multi-sport athletes to workout in a group setting. A variety of distances are offered satisfying both the novice and ironman alike.

When are workouts held?

Group training opportunities include several options so please check the RATs calendar for specifics as there are several options for courses and they change from week-to-week. While the work-outs listed are the planned events, it is always an option for individuals to improvise to meet their training plan.

Workouts are FREE and open to official RATs members. Not yet a member, you can sign up here. As always if you are interested in joining but would like to try before you buy we have a 1x drop in waiver!

Thursdays Event: Spin and Swim at Maplewood YMCA
Due to the closure of the Maplewood YMCA the spin and swim and coached lap swim will be cancelled until further notice. Once operations are back to normal we will make an announcement.
Look out for updates when we resume training.
(Winter)Location: Maplewood YMCA (map)
Duration: 1 hour spin and 1 hour swim
Start time: Arrive by 5:15pm, Spin is 5:30pm-6:30pm, Swim 7:00pm-8:00pm
Season: November-March
Note: Spin is instructor lead and done on Keiser bikes (SPD compatible). Swim is coached. Both the spin and swim is for all levels of ability.
Saturdays Event: Spin/Stir at ECO Gym (bi-weekly)
(Winter) Location: ECO Gym on the second floor of the Imaginarium in Irondequoit
500 Bakers Park, Irondequoit, NY 14617 (map)
Duration: 1 hour spin
Start time: 9:00am (bi-weekly check our calendar for specific dates)
Season: Winter
Note: Sports Art indoor ECO Cycles (SPD compatible) that power the building.
Instructor: Led by Laura Beth Lincoln - Spinning certified and a 4x Ironman finisher!
Social: Post class coffee social at Stir Coffee
Details: ECO Gym on the second floor of the Imaginarium in Irondequoit
500 Bakers Park, Irondequoit, NY 14617
Please enter through 400 Bakers Park (food court nextdoor)
Then proceed to the second floor via the stairwell next to Stir Coffee.
Sundays Event: RBR/SBR
(Spring/Location: Durand Eastman Park, Irondequoit (map)
Summer)Distances: Swim: 0.5 or 1 miles / bike: 12.7 or 17 miles / run 3.5 miles (easy to adapt to different distances)
Start time: 8:00am; set-up at 7:45am
Season: Mid-April to end of September (starts as RBR until water is warm enough to swim)
Note: Meet at the beginning of the Durand Bike Path (West), right where the Durand Beach sign is, across from Camp Eastman.
Sundays Event: Group Trail/Road Runs
(Fall)Location: Changes every week
Location available by subscribing to RATs mailing list or clicking on Calendar date (both on home page)
Distances: One hour run
Start time: 9:00am
Season: October to November
Tuesdays Event: RBR
(Spring/Sponsor: Peasantman Triathlon
Summer)Location: Mendon Ponds Park at the Beach Parking lot for an RBR
Start time: Arrive by 6:15pm for instructions; start time is 6:30pm
Thursdays Event: Swim
(Summer)Location: Durand Eastman Park, Irondequoit (map)
Distances: Swim Only: .25 up to 3.0 miles
Start time: Arrive by 6:00pm; Swim begins at 6:15pm
Season: July-Sept depending on water temp

Other longer distance workouts and training events occur throughout the year. Join our email distribution list (Subscribe on home page) to ensure you are notified about these. Also check the calendar on our website or join our Facebook page

Who runs the workouts?

We are an all-volunteer organization. Each week we also ask two or three people to record times, help with safely at the bike turn around, watch the swimmers at the SBR, or guard the transition area. All participants are asked to volunteer for one week. You can volunteer when you sign in at a workout. Good weeks go quickly so sign up early.

How can I enter?

For insurance purposes, all participants must be members of RATs. You can join online now here. Non-members may try it once just by showing up and signing a waiver.

Who can I contact?

For more information you can email president@rochestertriathletes.com or workouts@rochestertriathletes.com.

Are workouts competitive?

Yes and no. If you are looking to participate in your first one, you will find each RBR and SBR event friendly and supportive. Those looking for a more competitive experience will not be disappointed either.

What else do I need to know?

Important details: helmets are mandatory, and drafting is illegal - we're training for a triathlon, not the Tour de France! Wetsuits and a brightly colored swim cap are recommended for the SBRs.

Where are RBRs and SBRs held?

at Durand Eastman Park, Irondequoit
at Mendon Ponds Park